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We stock and offer a variety of used and new machinery for the PILING, MARINE and CIVIL ENGINEERING industries. As a complete service package for you, we undertake to source and supply the PARTS, TOOLING & ATTACHMENTS to meet your needs in their project work requirements.

  • Crawler cranes from 40 tons & above
  • Rough terrain cranes from 25 tons & above
  • Heavy duty cranes for dragline, dredging, compaction, piling and foundation
  • Mobile cranes from 50 tons & above
  • Hydraulic drilling / piling rigs c/w kelly bars & drilling tools
  • Mechanical crane mount rigs c/w kelly bars & drilling tools
  • Hydraulic cutter / Hydromill for diaphragm wall foundation
  • Marine floating machinery…..tug boat, barge, anchor handling tug, split hopper barge, floating crane, jack-up barge (self-elevated platform), landing craft etc…

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